patch testing faq's

Does everyone have to do a patch test?

Yes, we do it on everyone to ensure there are no allergic reactions. 

How long does it take?

The actual test takes about 5 minutes (this is a good time to start asking some questions). The test area is covered with a special waterproof film (shower proof) and you must leave it for 24 hours before we can safely say you are probably not allergic.

What is actually being tested in a patch test?

We test the pigment and dye we use for the semi-permanent tattoo. We also test the before, sealant and after care products.

Do I really have to do it?

Any good clinic would do a patch test, in fact it's one of the best ways to judge if their work is of high clinical standards. If you want however we will let you sign a waiver to say you do not need it.

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